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Oh Hey... It’s OJ!

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole At Hearing

Photo: Getty Images North America

Steve Covino:  “My girlfriend who is younger than me doesn’t know OJ for all the success he had, she knows OJ the alleged murderer. My answer to you is it’s generational, it depends when you were born & if you experienced OJ as an athlete. Deep down we know OJ did something. Also, it’s not worth to get a selfie with OJ for your ego to post on social media.”
Rich Davis: “We exchanged looks and OJ gave me a head nod.I’m trying to figure out if the common person would ask to get a selfie with OJ or would friends & family judge you for it? The minute I saw OJ, I wanted a selfie immediately. Also, I’m not going to advertise it and flaunt it on social media, but I would send it to my buddies who would appreciate it.”

Tonight on Covino & Rich, the crew talks about their experience at the Garcia-Davis fight and seeing OJ Simpson on their Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to LA. The team ran into a lot of stars while in Sin City but Rich brought an interesting question to the table, is it acceptable to get a selfie with OJ Simpson?  The team goes back and forth on if it’s a bad look to have a photo with him. Covino & Rich tell some funny stories & go to the phone lines to hear what the listeners have to say about the topic.