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The Jets Deserve Credit For Acquiring Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Patrick McDermott

Jason Smith: "So many people are saying they don't like this move, just because of the image that the Jets have. Nobody wants to give them credit. If the Patriots pulled off the same exact trade for Aaron Rodgers, you would see all kinds of people falling over themselves to say 'what a genius move by Bill Belichick!' If the Pittsburgh Steelers traded for Aaron Rodgers, it would be 'oh what an incredibly smart move by Mike Tomlin, look at what they've done here!' Almost any other team trades for him, it is met much better reaction than it is for the Jets. Do I think the Jets gave up a little bit too much? Yeah, but if Aaron Rodgers is good, it doesn't matter."

Jason Smith has finally gotten his wish: Aaron Rodgers is a member of the New York Jets. However, Jason can't help but express frustration over the media and fan reactions to the Rodgers deal, claiming that people simply don't want to give the Jets credit because of their long history of failure. Jason recognizes that the price for Rodgers may have been a bit more steep than he would like, but Jason believes Rodgers to be worth the investment, as he can make the Jets legit Super Bowl contenders despite being at the end of his career.