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Clippers Eliminated Again...and Nobody Cares

Photo: Harry How

The Los Angeles Clippers got another early start to their summer this year courtesy of the Phoenix Suns as they were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs in the first round while stars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard looked on in street clothes. After four years of failing to meet expectations there should probably be more criticism leveled in their direction, but it feels like nobody really cares. Their best players lack any real star-power and can’t manage to stay healthy long enough for anyone to become invested in their success or failure, and they find themselves at a crossroad as a good chunk of their roster, including Leonard and George, are on the tail-end of their contracts.

Dan Patrick: “The Clippers reloaded, they got Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. The expectations were lofty but that star pairing has played in just 142 games together. When healthy, and that’s a big ‘if’ because it always feels like we’re saying that every year the last four years, ‘Boy, if they were healthy...’ Well, they’re not! This is the fourth consecutive year that Kawhi and Paul George have struggled to stay healthy and now the Clippers are at a crossroad...But you know what, if people cared about the Clippers, then they would be criticized...but, you know, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, nobody cares. I mean, they’re nice players but there’s no pulse to that.”