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Steve Keim: Bryce Young Will Have Success

Photo: Chris Graythen

Steve Keim: “Frank Reich has to be extremely happy, identifying your quarterback as a franchise is one of the most exciting things. Bryce Young is tremendously smart and he knows how to get out of trouble when he needs to. I think it was a great pick by the Carolina Panthers.

Lavar Arrington: “You’re seeing a team that’s loading up on weapons, what better can you do than add Bryce Young to the piece. You also have to keep in mind the height of Bryce Young doesn’t matter as much anymore, the offense is different now, they’re off the ball and they’re able to see the field. It’s not crucial for quarterbacks to be really tall anymore.”

The 2023 NFL Draft is underway and the Carolina Panthers have selected Bryce Young as the first pick, five-foot-ten quarterback out of Alabama. Former Cardinals GM, Steve Keim gives his two cents on the pick giving high praise to Frank Reich and the Carolina Panthers. Lavar Arrington jumps in stating Bryce Young’s height won’t be a major deal due to the game being a different style with players rolling out of the pocket showing their athleticism.