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"Smoke and Mirrors" Explain Will Levis Falling in NFL Draft

Photo: Andy Lyons

Dan Patrick: "I just didn't see it with Will Levis. I reached out to a source to say 'help me understand this.' My source said 'smoke and mirrors.' That was the description of what was going on with Will Levis. He looked like he could play the position, he just wasn't consistent. And if you're not consistent in college, how are you going to be consistent in the pros? It's rare. There are certain traits you take with you, certain traits you can improve upon, but a lot of times you are who you are when you're going into the NFL."

Dan Patrick reacts to Will Levis not being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. Dan discusses what he heard from one NFL source and explains why some teams may be hesitant to pull the trigger on the QB prospect. Plus, Dan looks at how pre-draft takes on Levis may age poorly, as many other pre-draft takes have suffered similar fates.