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Bernie Fratto: Is the Oakland A’s Move to Vegas Reckless Wishful Thinking?

Photo: Jed Jacobsohn

Bernie Fratto: “I’m not saying the A’s are not coming to Vegas. The dynamic is a lot different from when the Raiders and Golden Knights came to town. The A’s plan is so aggressive that want to submit a move request to the MLB for this fall... At this point they don’t even have stadium rendering, so this is not a done deal. They bought land, that’s it so far! The question is how much of an appetite is there for local and public funding when you have roads, schools and healthcare to worry about? It’s not whether or not the fans will support the A’s, but the big question is will people come out to the stadium? There is a lot we don’t know, the cart is before the horse. I’m not saying its reckless wishful thinking but it’s certainly not a done deal. To report that it’s a done deal is irresponsible journalism.”

Over the Weekend on the Bernie Fratto Show, Bernie took the opportunity to give you his thoughts on the most recent MLB news, the Oakland A’s looking to move their home to Las Vegas by 2027. The big question Bernie proposes, is the Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas reckless wishful thinking? Bernie isn’t ultimately convinced that this move to Vegas is a done deal due to the hurdles the A’s have to get through. This includes a public-private partnership between the A’s, the state of Nevada & Clark County where the stadium would be located. Bernie explains why baseball fans in Las Vegas & around the world should not get there hopes up quite yet...