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Mike Harmon & Dan Beyer: Jeff Hall Joins Show to Talk US Open

Photo: Andrew Redington

Mike Harmon: “When you go through on the planning phase for your par 3s, how much time does it take you guys to come up with hole locations?”  

Dan Beyer: “I remember how giddy you were about the par 3s, is it part of your plan to have a hole under 95 yards?"

Jeff Hall: “It’s going to be a fabulous venue for the US Open, there’s so much going on with this golf course but the first thing that hits you when you get over to the first tee, you see this beautiful natural setting. Regarding your question with the par 3s, yes no question there will be a hole under 100 yards and with the hole locations we get together a group of 8-10 people and we go through where we want to place them. The great thing about this course is, a lot of the guys haven’t had the opportunity to play it so it’ll be fascinating to see.”

This morning on Fox Sports Sunday with Mike Harmon & Dan Beyer are joined by Jeff Hall, USGA’s managing director of rules and Open Championships.  Jeff gives listeners a sneak peak of how the course lays with the best holes to keep your eye out on. Mike & Dan pick Jeff’s brain on the design of the course and they guys joke around about Dan headed to the US Open media day tomorrow at Los Angeles Country Club to give his best shot at the course!