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Steph Curry's Great Reminder Game

Photo: ezra shaw

Dan Patrick: "I don't think Steve Kerr brought up Michael Jordan by accident. I think he's saying Steph Curry is in that category, and he should be in that category. We don't put him in that category. Think about all the great players, at some point they slow down. But Steph just turned 35, and this isn't what you normally do at 35. And this is a Game 7! That's what made it even more special. And they did it on the road, and they've been terrible on the road."

Dan Patrick reacts to Steph Curry's incredible 50-point performance in Game 7 to eliminate the Sacramento Kings in the Golden State Warriors' quest to defend the NBA title. Dan breaks down how Steph gave the league a "reminder game," as sports media and fans alike have taken Curry's greatness for granted and seemingly forgotten about Curry's ability to take over games at an elite level and lead the Warriors to success in the biggest of moments.