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Jordan Love Didn’t Bet on Himself

Photo: Scott Taetsch

Rather than pick up the 5th year option, the Green Bay Packers have signed QB Jordan Love to an extension through the 2024 season where Love will earn $13.5M guaranteed and could earn up to $22.5M with incentives. Dan and the Danettes examine the contract through the lens of today’s NFL and consider whether Love should have held out for more and taken his chances considering the demands of other quarterbacks throughout the league.

Dan Patrick: “Well why don’t you bet on yourself? Just go out there and play and then all of a sudden you’re a free agent. ”

Patrick ‘Seton’ O’Connor: “Because he just got 13 million dollars in his pocket.”

Dan: “I know, but he didn’t bet on himself.”

Seton: “Yeah, but I’ll bet on that 13 million is a sure thing.”

Dan: “Wait, wait, no, no. (In) today’s sports world, you bet on yourself Seton!”