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LeBron vs. Steph Isn’t Really a Rivalry

Photo: Harry how

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors square off in game 1 of their second round playoff series tonight, and Lakers HC Darvin Ham called the rivalry between LeBron James and Steph Curry the greatest of this generation. Doug disagrees and reminds us that LeBron’s only real rivalry has always been against the legacy of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. James and Curry play different positions, different styles, they won’t be guarding each other, and there has never really been any animosity between the two. It will be exciting to watch for sure, but it doesn’t rate as a true rivalry.

Doug Gottlieb: “LeBron (James) is competing as much against the legacy of Kobe Bryant and the legacy of Michael Jordan more so than he’s competed against Steph Curry...It is fascinating how we’re trying to make this into a rivalry when it’s not...”