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Chris Broussard: Last Night’s Warriors-Lakers Game Reminds me of 90s Ball

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors - Game One

Photo: Getty Images North America

Chris Broussard: “I thought last night was a glimpse to 90s basketball vs 2020s basketball. For the Lakers you had the man in the middle protecting the rim, playing inside out—The Lakers only made 6 three pointers. Shooting 30 to 40 feet out isn’t as certain as getting a bucket in the paint."
Rob Parker: “It will be interesting to see, the free throws that the Lakers got was way more impactful. They had 20 more free throws than the Warriors and only lost by 5.”

Tonight on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker the two talk about how last night’s Warriors-Lakers game reminds them of 90s basketball due to the lack of three point shooting by the Lakers. The three point shooting scoring difference was 63 to 18 in the Warriors favor. While Chris is highly convinced that shooting three pointers is tougher than scoring inside the paint, Rob makes a good point that the Lakers making free-throws will replace the lack of threes.