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Dark Side of Aaron Rodgers

Miami Heat v New York Knicks - Game Two

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “Here is the dark side of Aaron Rodgers... Do I think he loves this fresh start? Yes. But all of this stuff about Aaron Rodgers coming out is just him winning the break up with Green Bay. So much of this is forced, so are things that great or is it an artificial great? It could all take a turn real quick because he’s so obsessed with his relationship with the Packers”
Mike Harmon: “All of the young guys have to be careful because Rodgers is bringing all his guys to the team. It really is a Hollywood scripted situation because all we hear is about how positive it is and how great it is.”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show, Jason & Mike talk about Aaron Rodgers & the dark side he portrays. Jason gives the listeners a strong argument believing that it’s not all rainbows & sunshine in New York, challenging the fact that everything we’re seeing on social media of Rodgers is all for show. Mike doubles down on the take, giving his two cents on the big entrance Rodger’s has made to the city.