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Jordan Poole Took the Right Shot at the Right Time

Photo: Justin Ford

Warriors G Jordan Poole is being roundly criticized for missing a 30-foot 3-ptr with 10 seconds left when they were down by 3 points, but Doug has his back. This is who the Warriors are; they jack up 3-ptrs. And Poole, having already made six 3-ptrs in the game, had a wide open look with no Laker in sight to tie the game. Of course he should have taken that shot. Doug’s only criticism is that Poole could have done a better job of stepping into it, but he has no issue with his shot selection.

Doug Gottlieb: “In the context of the game, (Jordan Poole) made six 3’s. And who he is, that’s what he does... It’s like we’re completely forgetting who the Warriors are and how they play. That’s a damn good shot!”