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Jason Smith: Bob Huggins Should Be Facing Suspension

West Virginia v Maryland

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: He said anti-gay words twice, the guys on the show didn’t know how to respond... He’s going to have to be suspended. It’s either you’re against hate speech or you’re not, there is no room for that. The thing I don’t understand, why did he say something like that on the radio? I just don’t get how someone can do that? When this happens, it usually occurs on radio or podcast because people forget that everyone can still get ahold of it. The thing is, he’s always been talking like this, now he just got caught.”

Mike Harmon: “Just going straight to the suspension isn’t the thing to jump too, I don’t think. I would put out another statement... If not this could be the end of him. Those statements are tough to come back from.”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the two best friends talk about Bob Huggins and the anti-LGBTQ remarks he made on the Bill Cunningham Show out of Cincinnati. The two go back and forth regarding the topic, Jason thinks Bob should be suspended for 10 plus games because there is no excuse for it. Mike is taking the other route saying WVU & the NCAA should evaluate the situation more before making a move.