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NFL Schedule Release Day Coming in Hot

Photo: Nick Laham

Mike Harmon: “I have some curiosity in Kansas City and who they will get out of the NFC match ups. You may see them play Miami in Week 1. I think it’s the Dolphins over the Bengals is because of the story line for it and Tyreek Hill. Is it likely to see the Lions play an NFC team for Thanksgiving? I don’t like people saying the Lions should not be playing on Thanksgiving, its football!"
Dan Beyer: “I remember the Bills opened up against the Rams last year, they won’t do it again. That leaves it down to the Dolphins and Bengals. I don’t think they can pass up an AFC Championship rematch for the first game of the season. It’ll be Bengals-Chiefs. When it comes to Thanksgiving, It’s a big Divisional game for the Lions so I can see the Bears and Justin Fields going against Detroit. Another one is Jets-Cowboys they could play each other but that seems too good to be true so I think it’ll be Cowboys-Patriots."

Over the weekend on Sunday morning, Mike Harmon & Dan Beyer discuss the NFL schedule & its release day happening this Thursday, May 11th. The guys talk about possible matchups that could happen prior to the release date—Including the Kansas City Chiefs opener, Lions on Thanksgiving and the Cowboys possible matchups. Mike thinks we will see a Chiefs-Dolphins matchup to kick off the season, Dan believes it’ll be Bengals-Chiefs because it was the AFC Championship last season.