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Lakers and Heat Are the Most Consistent Teams in the Playoffs Right Now

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat

Photo: Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the Lakers and the Heat taking 3-1 leads in their respective series, leading the guys to wonder if we'll get a rematch of the 2020 Bubble Finals.

Jonas Knox: "The two most consistent teams in the NBA Playoffs thus far, the most impressive teams have been the Heat and the Lakers."
LaVar Arrington: "Two of the teams I felt were nonfactor teams were going to be the Heat and the Lakers if they were able to get out of round one. I didn't see them being able to advance too far."
Brady Quinn: "Spoelstra is just a hell of a coach, man. That organization is one hell of an organization, they know how to build a team, they know how to help those guys be competitive. There's a number of coaches you can throw in that category, but they they're always in the mix."