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NBA Draft Lottery One Week Away


Photo: AFP

Mike Harmon: “I appreciate and want to see the sports leagues to sell, sell, sell, the next coming up. I can see Houston being a main target, they’re young & they could use another big time weapon like this. This is what we want to see though, bringing in generational players is what the league needs and I hope we see more of it.”

Ryan Hollins: “This guy is box office hype around him, he is the biggest prospect we’ve seen since LeBron James. He’s long, he’s mean, athletic, and if he can be a threat inside that’ll be extremely dangerous—it’s very exciting. We’ve haven’t seen the hype in a long time, it’s fun.”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Mike & fill in Ryan Hollins talk about Victor Wembanyama & the excitement that he is bringing to the Draft Lottery, which is a week away. Mike and Ryan continue the conversation saying Victor reminds them of LeBron James & the hype he got coming out of High School. Mike makes a great point stating how important these generational players are for the league.