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The Celtics Aren't Threatening

Photo: Maddie Meyer

The Boston Celtics got booed in their own building last night as they dropped game 5 of their 2nd round NBA Playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers and Dan is not at all surprised. While they may have had the best odds to win it all and may even be the best team in the league, they lack consistency. It’s hard to put faith in a team when you’re not sure if they’re going to show up to play on any given night. Now down 3-2, they need to win game 6 on the road just to stay alive, and their odds to win a title have plummeted.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t find the Celtics threatening. They might have the deepest team; they might have the best team. Prior to yesterday they had the best odds according to DraftKings to win it all. I don’t find them threatening because I don’t find them consistent... And maybe they win this game, maybe they go to the Finals, maybe they win it all, but there’s still that element of doubt with Boston.”