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Another Injury Finds Anthony Davis

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis took a shot to the temple from Golden State Warriors C Kevon Looney in the 4th quarter and was escorted to the locker room in a wheelchair. Initial reports have ruled out a concussion which only raises questions about the nature of the injury and Davis's ability to return to play. The other question is: do the Lakers have any chance to win either game 6 or 7 if Anthony Davis isn’t on the court?

Patrick ‘Seton’ O’Connor: “It feels like the collective reaction to Anthony Davis's injury was basically like a world-wide eyeroll. Are we being fair to him? Because now it’s like, OK, if you don’t have a concussion then why didn’t you...then what’s the problem? And I don’t know if that’s fair or not but it’s kinda the reaction...”

Dan Patrick: “It just feels like he always finds an injury, or it finds him.”

Seton: “We’ve been talking about it this whole playoffs.”

Dan: “We’ve been talking about it for most of his career.”

Seton: “Yes.”

Dan: “But I want to be fair to him because while it may not have looked that serious, sometimes you have injuries where you go, ‘Wait, nothing happened there,’ and then you realize something potentially serious happened there.”