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The Wheelchair for Anthony Davis Was Over the Top

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis was rolled off the court in a wheelchair after suffering a blow to the head in last night’s loss to the Golden State Warriors in game 5 of their 2nd round NBA Playoff series and he’s been the subject of derision by more than a few pundits and former players. Doug understands where they are coming from considering head injuries aren’t really a part of basketball like they are in football or soccer, so there was no expectation of serious harm befalling AD as a result. Their overly cautious approach to his care seemed excessive and needless.

Doug Gottlieb: “The wheelchair was over the top... Nobody’s downplaying the seriousness of concussions... Tell me the former player, name one of them that suffered repeated head trauma that now is going through debilitating dementia, or ALS, or some sort of brain injury because of their time playing basketball. It doesn’t exist. So, that’s why guys who are former players kinda make fun of it...”