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A Story of Stupidity and Greed

Photo: Matt Cardy

Dan takes a break from all the NBA Playoff stories and NFL schedule revelations to update a story about a couple guys who were trying to game the system. Jacob Runyan and Chase Comisky were caught cheating at a Walleye fishing tournament in Ohio last year and a local court handed down their sentence yesterday, including jail time and a lengthy suspension of their fishing licenses in Ohio and most other states. Dan talks to Toledo Blade Outdoors Editor Matt Markey who has been covering the story closely and has all the salacious details about how these guys stuffed their catches with weights in an effort to claim a $30,000 prize. Hilarity ensues as Dan and the Danettes react to news of their sentencing.

Dan Patrick: “What was their defense?”

Matt Markey: “They pled stupidity and greed...”