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Ja Morant Another Incident!?

Dallas Mavericks v Memphis Grizzlies

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Mike Harmon:“Until the judicial court gets involved there is no real legal issue. We had the hope that someone in his family or close friend group could realize that he is running down a bad path and would jump in. Hopefully someone does that because he didn't learn from the last time."

Dan Beyer:“I didn’t believe Ja Morant was changed for one bit, you don’t go to therapy for 14 days and come back fine. That narrative of him being away from the team and coming back like nothing happened? He didn’t learn anything from his mistakes. That’s why I didn’t buy any of it."

This morning with Mike Harmon & Dan Beyer, the two give their thoughts on Ja Morants reported incident of having a gun on Instagram live stream. The first time around caught with a gun he was suspended from the NBA for multiple games. Morant, said he was a better person after going through behavioral therapy but Dan is not buying that, stating he clearly didn't learn anything from his time off and "therapy..." Mike doubles down, adding Morants friends and family should be making sure none of this happens again.