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Doc Rivers Is the Worst Game 7 Coach in NBA History

Photo: Timothy Nwachukwu

The Boston Celtics advanced to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on the back of Jayson Tatum’s epic performance in game 7. Dan questions the coaching decisions that had Joel Embiid trying to defend Tatum on the perimeter and allowed Embiid to get lost in the offense when it truly mattered. Yesterday's loss marks the fifth consecutive time Doc Rivers has dropped a game 7, and he’s never won one on the road.

Dan Patrick: “I like Joel Embiid, he’s a wonderful player. I don’t need him guarding Jayson Tatum on the perimeter because it felt like whenever Jayson Tatum wanted to take Joel Embiid, he could, and he did.  And this isn’t all on Joel Embiid. There’s enough blame to go around, and Doc Rivers is the worst game 7 coach in NBA history and that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact...”