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Jason Smith: If the Nuggets Don’t Do it This Year... They’ll Never Do it

Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets - Game One

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “If the Nuggets don’t get to the Finals and win the title this year, I don’t know when they will. Everything is going right for them... They have the guys they need, they are playing well as a team and you have the 2 time MVP who is playing like an MVP. Also, this isn’t a ‘good loss’ for the Lakers, a loss is a loss! There are no moral victories, you either win or you lose, I don’t expect you to quit in the Western Conference Finals either!  It is now desperation time for the Lakers.”
Mike Harmon: “No doubt, the Nuggets have the rotation that is really helping them progress as a team these playoffs. You’ve also got everyone healthy, and you have to give the Nuggets credit for playing the game they did. The Lakers got owned on the boards, especially in the first quarter.”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show, the listeners get the opportunity to listen to Jason & Mike as they give live updates of the Lakers-Nuggets game that ended in a 132-126 Nuggets win.  Jason doesn’t hold back and gives the Lakers zero credit for the comeback and close game. He is tired of seeing Twitter talk about how it was ‘a good loss’ for the Lakers. Mike agrees, but also points out that the Denver played an extremely good game.