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Nikola Jokić Is Unexciting but Unstoppable

Photo: Matthew Stockman

The Denver Nuggets held off the Los Angeles Lakers to take game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals on the back of another dominant triple-double from Nikola Jokić. Dan predicts there will be analysts coming out of the woodwork to proclaim he should’ve been the MVP over Embiid but that’s only because they probably weren’t watching the Nuggets play this season. The Joker doesn’t produce a lot of highlights for social media; he simply dominates everyone he plays against.

Dan Patrick: “You have to watch (Nikola Jokić) to understand how great he is. Now, whether you wanted to vote for him for MVP, that’s up to your discretion as far as publicly. I thought he was the MVP. No problem with (Joel) Embiid winning it, but you watch Joker and he’s unstoppable... Now that they’re in the Western Conference Finals and they’re playing against the Lakers, there’s more eyeballs on this. And I promise you you’ll get columnists who will say, or analysts, ‘You know, looking at what he does, he should have been the MVP.’ Now, it’s not based off what you do in the postseason, it’s that people start watching an entire game and you go, ‘God, that guy’s good!’”