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Mike Harmon: "If the Lakers Continue to Rely on the Three, They Will Lose"

Photo: Matthew Stockman

Arnie Spanier: “This is demoralizing. The Lakers had this game, a 10-point lead, things were looking good, they were waiting for Anthony Davis to do something but he just never helped out offensively...LeBron thinks he’s a good three point shooter, but he just isn’t. I don’t know what mirror he’s looking at or what video he’s watching... You’re never going to win a game if you count on Hachimura to be your leading scorer.”
Mike Harmon: “If you’re going to keep shooting 3-point shots as they did, they’re going to have a tough time. D’Angelo Russell had a -16, and his big play was his flagrant foul he was called for. That’s all he contributed to this game... You can tell me all of the adjustments you want, until your blue in the face. If the Lakers are going to continuously settle for three point shots at the rate that they do, they’re going to lose.”

Mike Harmon and Arnie Spanier react to the Denver Nuggets Game 2 win over the Los Angeles Lakers. The guys break down a tremendous night for Nuggets G Jamaal Murray, and an abysmal night for the Lakers long-range shooting. Listen to the full segment above!