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Brooks Koepka's PGA Championship Win Made No Difference For LIV Golf

Photo: Michael Reaves

Dan Patrick: "Some of these players on the LIV Tour said Koepka's win validates our tour. No it doesn't! You still have great golfers. That's why they paid hundreds of millions of dollars to get you to go there. You guys didn't innovate anything. Nobody questioned your talent. They were questioning your motives for leaving the tour. The PGA Tour didn't want you to leave. The LIV Tour paid you. They wanted stars. You guys should be good. Your tour didn't make you better. You're great golfers. It doesn't validate anything."

Dan Patrick reacts to Brooks Koepka winning the PGA Championship. Dan breaks down why Koepka's fifth major win will not move the needle for the LIV Golf Tour as he blasts the notion that Koepka winning somehow "validates" the current talent with LIV Golf. Plus, Dan explains why Koepka's win needs to be the main story of the tournament, despite the fairytale story of club pro Michael Block, capped off by his hole-in-one on Sunday.