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The Celtics Have Quit On Joe Mazzulla

Photo: Adam Glanzman

Doug Gottlieb: "Anyone can lose, but when Magic Johnson, Captain Obvious himself, says it is obvious that you quit, that is an issue. I know Joe Mazzulla, and everyone I know who knows him thinks he's awesome. But you can be awesome and not be the right fit for the right team at the right time. Joe Mazzulla took all the blame, put none of it on the players, which likely means behind the scenes, it's a player problem. Now the players are talking about connectivity, that's a coach and player problem. They're an absolute mess."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the Celtics being blown out in Game 3 against the Heat. Doug breaks down how he believes the Celtics' players have abandoned their head coach Joe Mazzulla, damning his future with the franchise. Plus, when Captain Obvious himself points out how bad things are, you know you've lost all hope.