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Jason Whitlock Calls Out Pat McAfee For 'Cowardly' Move to ESPN

Jason Whitlock: "It seems so obvious that disconnecting yourself from those corporate purse strings are the masculine thing to do and the appropriate thing to do. For Pat McAfee to pretend like he doesn’t know what’s going and how he’s being used— or maybe he does know and he just doesn’t care, but I’m not going to allow him to get away with this. This is as cowardly an act as I’ve seen in the sports world. I’m aware of LeBron James and the way he ducks his head on China is really cowardly, and LeBron James has more money than Pat McAfee, but LeBron James has the excuse of ‘he’s in the NBA, he couldn’t make money playing basketball any other way than being in the NBA and being in on their gimmick.’ Pat McAfee is perfectly fine keeping his distance from ESPN. He had a bunch of other options other than being the beard for ESPN and Disney, and he chose to be their beard. I have no respect for it… I hope the audience is following me and doesn’t think I’m being too harsh on Pat McAfee, but I’m not going to back down. I have no respect for this decision. It’s not jealousy, it’s not envy, it’s not personal. The guy is enormously successful, can go work anywhere he wants, have independence, freedom, and autonomy, and he’s chosen to get back further in bed with Disney and ESPN. To me, it’s so obvious what ESPN and Disney are about. I get why some people take those checks, they don’t have any other options, but this guy has all kinds of options and he’s chosen the coward’s way.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless' rip former NFL punter and popular media personality Pat McAfee for recently announcing a move full-time to ESPN, as Whitlock was very vocal about his disdain for what ESPN represents when it comes to stifling free speech.

Check out the segments above as Whitlock calls McAfee’s career move the ‘coward’s way’, saying McAfee shouldn’t have caved to Disney’s compulsive control just to secure another bag.

Here was Whitlock’s full take:

Jason Whitlock: “No amount of money, security, and attention satiates a weak man. He behaves no differently from a woman. The moment a woman secures a Louis Vuitton bag she covets Lana Marks. Get her a Marks, she moves to Fendi. Buy her a Fendi she must have Chanel. The popularity of ‘securing the bag’ mindset signifies the emasculation of American society. The bag is a purse filled with money, security, and attention. Women are wired to prioritize money, security, and attention above everything, including freedom. ‘The bag’ seduces men to act like women. Pat McAfee is the latest example. The NFL punter turned YouTube star officially surrendered his freedom and autonomy to secure the Disney purse. A few years ago McAfee appeared happy with his Barstool bag. Less than a year ago he was overjoyed when FanDuel dropped a $120 million bag at his doorstep. He appeared to have it all: financial freedom, total autonomy, a side gig on ESPN's College Game Day, regular appearances with the WWE… But you can't satiate a weak man. Disney stocks the trendiest bag, so McAfee abandoned his FanDuel deal and joined forces with the most corrosive cultural force in America, ESPN/Disney. He joined the race baiters and the sports network that specializes in stirring racial division. It's arguably the weakest and most disappointing move in the history of sports. It makes LeBron James' decision to take his talents to South Beach and team with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh seem as courageous as storming the beaches of Normandy. Why am I so hard on Pat McAfee? Because he has enormous financial security, a bevy of suitors, and he's only 36 years old. He's supposed to be as fearless as Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, and Elon Musk. We're in the era and time where real men are prioritizing freedom over worldwide approval and money. Rogan has stood his ground and continued to do a show that exposes truth. Carlson walked the Green Mile at Fox News rather than water down his wildly popular show. Musk, with his purchase of Twitter, has risked his reputation and a large sum of money to protect free speech. Masculinity values free speech and truth more than money, security, and attention. ESPN and Disney are the enemy of masculinity, free speech, and truth. ESPN is the worldwide leader in promoting the matriarchy, the LGBTQ+ agenda, and racial idolatry. The network dropped the bag on McAfee for his bro show to serve as a beard for Disney's real agenda. McAfee's sellout move is being celebrated across the internet. He's being hailed as an amazing success story— he went from NFL punter to broadcasting superstar, it's allegedly the ‘American dream.’ Selling out is not the American dream. Building a brand so that a global corporation can use your reputation to hide its anti-American, anti-patriarchy, and pro-‘alphabet mafia’ agenda is not worthy of celebration, it's sick. McAfee can't plead ignorance. He can't deny what ESPN is doing by saying ‘I just talk about sports, I'm not political!’ ESPN doesn't just talk about sports, ESPN is explicitly political. ESPN is explicitly racially divisive. McAfee knows why ESPN dropped a bag at his door. McAfee's White male dominated show is intended to be a dog whistle to the White male traditional sports fans who have grown tired of Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Ryan Clark, Jalen Rose, Molly Qerim, Elle Duncan, and Malika Andrews constantly pushing the ‘White man as the devil’ narrative. McAfee is too cowardly to get in the ring with ESPN's army of race baiters. Will Cain used to do it, he got tired of the role and left for Fox News. JJ Redick has occasionally sparred with Perkins and Smith on ‘First Take’ but ESPN doesn't host real fights; not on the issues that matter. ESPN lines up tomato cans to fight their race baiters and pays White men such as Mike Greenberg to sign off on the racial division or ignore it. McAfee will be paid handsomely to ignore it. That's what sellouts do. My critics will claim I'm ‘jealous’ of McAfee. I'm not jealous, I'm disappointed. He can't muster the courage to even pretend to be courageous. Dan Le Batard and Bill Simmons mustered the courage to pretend— yes, they play ‘woke’ to stay on the good side of social media— but at least they chose independence over obeying Disney commands. McAfee is a weak man. He's no rebel, he's Joe Biden.”

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