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Lamar Jackson Shouldn't Stop Running, But Should Be Smarter About It

Photo: Rob Carr

Dan Patrick: "I want Lamar Jackson to continue to run, I just want him to be smart when he runs. Same thing with Josh Allen. This is why you're great, I don't want to take away what you do better than anybody else in the league because I'm going to make you a pocket passer. I would just say to Lamar Jackson 'let's be smarter when we run.' I don't want you to stop running. I don't want them to make you one-dimensional. I want you to just be smart. Don't take on contact. Josh Allen takes on contact. We don't criticize Lamar's style the way we will when he gets hurt. And then we'll say 'why is he running so much?' Just be smarter when you run. There's nothing wrong with sliding, getting out of bounds, maybe not getting two extra yards. I don't know if he's reckless, Josh Allen feels reckless. But I want to take advantage of what he does well. When you draft a quarterback who is great at doing something in college, I don't want to change you."

Dan Patrick explores what Lamar Jackson's offensive performance may look like under new OC Todd Monken. Dan reacts to Jackson's comments saying that he may be looking to throw from the pocket more, and Dan breaks down why Jackson should continue to utilize his elite running game, but in a safer way so Jackson can maintain longevity and productivity for his career.