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Patrick Mahomes Named His Top 5 Greatest Quarterbacks of All-Time

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes revealed his personal list of the top 5 greatest quarterbacks of all-time during an exclusive interview with Complex published on Thursday (May 24).

Mahomes had mentioned seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady -- whom he faced in Super Bowl LV and shared the MADDEN NFL 22 cover with -- and confirmed that he was his top choice.

"Yeah, I mean, you got to say Tom’s 1, but if you talk about the legends of the game, Tom, Peyton Manning, obviously Aaron Rogers, Joe Montana, and then it gets down to Dan Marino or John Elway to round off your top five," Mahomes said via Complex. "But I mean there’s some great quarterbacks that played this game, man, I’m trying to learn from them because even though the game has progressed, there’s still stuff in the past that helps you become a better quarterback."