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Charles Barkley: "Disappointed LeBron Took Shine Away From The Nuggets"

Photo: Megan Briggs

Charles Barkley: "First of all, LeBron's not going to retire. I was disappointed he brought that up during the Nuggets' highlight of their organization. They had never been to the Finals, they just swept the big bad Lakers, nobody was giving them any respect."
Dan Patrick: "But do you think he did it strategically? Because LeBron is very calculated."
Charles Barkley: "YES! Because you know them fools on ESPN were going to talk about it. They're still talking about it. I turned my television off the next day. The first two blocks were all about LeBron instead of what the Denver Nuggets had accomplished. They have a dude on their team that arguably could have won 3 MVPs in a row, had just swept the big bad Lakers, and they spent the first two blocks talking about if LeBron was going to retire. I think he did it intentionally. There's no way he's retiring. LeBron is such a good dude, he's got his stuff together. I was disappointed he took the shine away from the Nuggets."

NBA Legend Charles Barkley joins The Dan Patrick Show! Barkley gives his thoughts on the NBA Playoffs thus far and reacts to the Celtics avoiding elimination for a second-straight game. Barkley reiterates his disappointment in sports media for failing to keep their spotlight on the success of the Denver Nuggets after LeBron James immediately discussed the possibility of retirement following the Lakers being swept out of the playoffs.