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Impressed by the Celtics Comeback?

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Six

Photo: Getty Images North America

Mike Harmon: “Jimmy had no legs last night while trying to explode to the basket. If Boston is able to comeback from 3-0, Tatum & Brown should finally get the respect they do deserve.”
Dan Beyer:The question I have is, are the Heat that good? I don’t know how good they really are... The stars have to carry your team, you can’t rely on Martin to carry your team every night, and they don’t have the pieces. There is a reason they’re an 8 seed, and I don’t think this Celtics come back should be surprising, Boston is better. To look at the Celtics comeback as historic it’s not, you don’t go down 3-0 like this & they made the finals last year.”

This morning, Mike Harmon & Dan Beyer talk about the Celtics buzzer beater win over the Heat in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. While Miami has taken the Celtics to seven games, Mike & Dan believe the Celtics will finish the job tomorrow night in Game 7. Dan thinks the Celtics shouldn’t be getting as much credit as they should because the Celtics are a lot better than the Heat. Mike has been extremely impressed by the Heat bench but stating it’s clearly not enough to close out the series with big losses such as Herro & Oladipo.