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Can the Celtics Afford to Keep Jaylen Brown?

Photo: Maddie Meyer

The Boston Celtics were officially eliminated from the NBA Playoffs as they got run off their home court in game 7 by the Miami Heat. Dan is already speculating about the Celtics and what they are going to do in the offseason as Jaylen Brown is in the final year of his contract and it’s probably going to take a supermax extension to keep him on the roster. He wonders if the Celtics can afford to pay both him and Jayson Tatum each upwards of a quarter-billion dollars to basically play the same position, or whether they can afford not to.

Dan Patrick: “Do you want to bring Jaylen Brown back? I don’t want to have two players who play the same way who are going to get supermax deals, because neither of those players can dribble the ball. They’re really good players. Do I want to pay a quarter of a billion dollars for each? Jayson Tatum is there for the long haul. I didn’t think Jaylen Brown was going to be back with this next contract...”