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Jason Smith: Draymond Green & Klay Thompson Will Be Gone This off Season

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “I think the President, Bob Myers who is retiring now knows that it’s over for the Warriors. This should tell you what’s next for the Warriors, that’s Draymond gone & Klay gone. They lost to a Lakers team that wasn’t that good, a team that came together in the playoffs. The Warriors were 7-35 on the road this year, that’s a serious struggle—Golden State needs to be in for change. Bob Myers sees the writing on the wall & he’s getting out of there.”

Mike Harmon: “You look at the Warriors next phase, Klay is too much money. Steph isn’t going to want to give up parts of his contract for him. Also, Draymond has his issues, the punch with Jordan Poole is one that stands out to me the most. It’s time to rebuild & Steph has acknowledged that. I’m almost certain that Draymond will be in LA next season on the Lakers”

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason does the unthinkable and makes the prediction that Draymond Green & Klay Thompson won’t be on the Warriors next season. While Mike agrees with the rebuilding aspect of the statement, he also doubles down with Jason’s opinion, going as far as saying Steph isn’t going to want to take a contract cut for Klay Thompson.