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The Odd Couple Reacts to Shannon Sharpe's Stunning "Undisputed" Exit

Photo: Nicholas Hunt

Chris Broussard: “I’m stunned by this news of Shannon Sharpe leaving Undisputed, I think it’s a huge loss for FS1. I thought that he and Skip Bayless had at least gotten to a point where they could coexist, but apparently not... The thing is, where do they go? Rob, we’ve gone at it and our regular listeners know it. But I don’t think we’ve ever disrespected each other.”
Rob Parker: “I remember the moment where it seemed like things turned. The moment Skip claimed Shannon was ‘jealous’ of Tom Brady, and Shannon took his glasses off, that was the moment they were separated. Skip even told him to put his glasses back on, and Skip didn’t like that at all... Chris we’ve had our fights on the radio, but you have to be careful to not cross lines. You never want to hurt your partner to the point you hurt the show.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the stunning news that Shannon Sharpe will be leaving Undisputed via a buyout of his remaining contract. Listen to the full segment above, as Chris and Rob breakdown the end of an era!