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Jason Smith: Nuggets Win Game One with a Breeze

2023 NBA Finals - Game One

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “The Nuggets were never in trouble, I keep telling you it’s going to be a four game sweep. You would’ve thought the Heat would’ve come in a little harder & would try something different. Also the Nuggets got a lot more rest than the Heat, give me rest over rust. No matter what you thought tonight, there was no way the Nuggets were losing Game 1. The size advantage for the Nuggets is too dominate for the Heat, I don’t know how you guard it.”

Mike Harmon: “I may retract my Nuggets in 6, I may make it 5 now. A lot of the points the Nuggets got were inside and easy looks. Not just that the Heat got really easy looks and they did not finish. Martin & Struss went 1 for 17 tonight, you can’t win like that. Guys you were banking on weren't finishing... That's the topic of discussion.

Tonight on The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the two break down the Nuggets win over the Heat tonight, 104-93. Jason & Mike both agree that the Nuggets were never in trouble & this may not be much of a competitive series. Jason is very confident that the Nuggets will win the series 4-0 and the Heat had no shot in Game One.