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Nikola Jokić Is a Different Kind of Superstar

Photo: Matthew Stockman

As Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat get ready to face Nikola Jokić and the Denver Nuggets, Doug examines the star-power of The Joker compared to his American-born counterparts. Today’s American NBA stars are all about the ‘look-at-me’ mindset and we dissect their every move, on-court and off. Jokić is less flash and more substance which hasn’t made him the most popular superstar in the league even though he has been dominating it for the last three years. He’s more in the vein of a Tim Duncan and will probably begin adding titles to his resume in the next couple weeks.

Doug Gottlieb: “The American born stars, it’s about what they’re wearing going into arenas, how many players is it, who is he dating, what are the shoes he’s wearing, what’s in his bag, ooh, who’s his workout guy? We don’t get any of that with (Nikola) Jokić!”