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The Nuggets Are MORE Dangerous When The Joker Shoots LESS

Photo: Matthew Stockman

The Denver Nuggets went up early and never looked back as they dominated the Miami Heat in game 1 of the NBA Finals, and they did it with 2x NBA MVP Nikola Jokić taking only three shots in the first half. He ended up posting a triple-double with stat line more reminiscent of point guards like Steve Nash and Magic Johnson. There isn’t another superstar in today’s game whose team gets better when they aren’t carrying the scoring load.

Dan Patrick: “Can you think another superstar where the less he shoots; the more likely it is his team wins? And that’s what happens with (Nikola) Jokić. He had three shots in the first half. It’s almost like Steve Nash. Steve Nash had to be encouraged to shoot more, but he was a point guard. Here’s your big man, a guy who averages 30 points a game, and the less he was shooting, the more dangerous it felt like Denver was. Jimmy Butler has to take 25 shots.”