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Luka Has the Right to Be Upset With Kyrie's Recruitment of LeBron

Photo: Kevin C. Cox

Chris Broussard: “LeBron coming to Dallas is not a total impossibility, but a near impossibility... LeBron would have to take a buyout, then less money to go to Dallas, which is lunacy. That, or the Lakers and Mavericks would have to do a sign and trade, but why would the Lakers do that? Unless they get Luka, they wouldn’t be interested. This reminds me of Kyrie after that press conference when the Nets were swept by Boston. He said he had to sit down and help Joe Tsai put the team together, but in this situation, Kyrie is trying to take on something that’s not his to take on. Luka has said LeBron is his idol and they have a good relationship. But I’ve got to be honest: if I’m Luka, I’m not really trying to add LeBron. Luka is 24 years old, about to enter his 5th season... he’s thinking the same thing LeBron was thinking: ‘I’m in control and I could get this done myself’... Also, If I’m Luka I’m a bit bothered because Kyrie doesn’t even have a deal done with Dallas. This is Luka’s squad, not Kyrie’s.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the repot that Kyrie Irving supposedly reached out to LeBron James about the possibility of teaming up with him and Luka Doncic in Dallas. Chris and Rob don’t believe LeBron would leave LA for Dallas, and Luka Doncic should be bothered by this, because the Mavericks are his team and not Kyrie’s! Listen to the full segment above!