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Miami's Aggressive Play Key Factor in Game 2 Win

Photo: Mark J. Terrill

Dan Patrick: "It felt like when Miami built up their lead, Jokic said he didn't want it to get out of hand and he started scoring. The Heat guarded the other guys. They didn't try to give help to Bam guarding Jokic, and the other guys didn't make their shots. It's not like Jokic wasn't trying to be a facilitator, they just didn't make their shots. Miami hit their threes, they were far more aggressive, and they went to the free throw line. That's what it comes down to - not to oversimplify this because I don't want to get verbally spanked by a coach in the process, but that's it."

Dan Patrick reacts to the Miami Heat winning Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Dan breaks down why Miami's aggression gave the Heat the advantage, as their strategy didn't necessarily seal the game alone, given the Nuggets' inability to make shots throughout the night. Plus, Dan comes to a reporter's defense after Erik Spoelstra gets oddly contentious over a perfectly fine question in the postgame press conference.