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No Chance LeBron James Joins the Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Matthew Stockman

Jason Smith: "LeBron is not going anywhere. He doesn't want to go anywhere, he wants to finish in Los Angeles. He needs the spotlight of Los Angeles more than he did a few years ago. He needs to be someplace big where even if they're not playing great, LeBron is still relevant. That's the one thing he hates, not having relevancy. The only other place he goes is if he goes back to Cleveland, to finish there with Bronny."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the report that Kyrie Irving wants LeBron James to reunite with him in Dallas. The guys explain how a LeBron trade with the Mavericks would be impossible even if both sides wanted to make it work. Jason and Mike break down exactly how LeBron's career will end and explain why there is only one team other than the Lakers that LeBron could realistically finish his career with.