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Jay Monahan Is The Worst Kind Of Hypocrite

Photo: Richard Heathcote

Rob Parker: "Jay Monahan is the worst kind of hypocrite. Monahan, do you have a check for $800 million for Tiger Woods? Because that's what he turned down! Not only did you get in bed with the Saudis, you're having a baby with them!"
Chris Broussard: "If all of these United States companies can work with Saudi Arabia, you mean to tell me that one individual golfer is supposed to be the one to take the high road? You're supporting them, and you don't even know it! When you buy something from Starbucks, you're supporting the Saudi investments! They are all over America, and that was my issue. The hypocrisy of these wealthy private companies and corporations who run our country, to have the audacity to act like Tiger or Rory or some other golfer would have been just the most immoral person in the world because they were doing it too?!"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the news that the PGA Tour is merging with LIV Golf. The guys sound off on PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan for being admittedly hypocritical in his newfound acceptance of the LIV Golf Tour. Rob rips LIV critics for phony appeals to patriotism, and Chris demonstrates how golfers who pursued the lucrative LIV paychecks should have been far down the list of media targets for siding with Saudi-backed investments.