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The PGA Tour Sold Its Soul

Photo: Rob Carr

The PGA Tour and LIV golf had officially agreed to merge together, along with the DP World Tour, to create a new partnership that will oversee professional golf around the globe. This after a couple years of bitter vitriol between the PGA and LIV tours, including but not limited to a number of legal entanglements that were in progress. Dan Beyer and Rich Ohrnberger are in for Doug today and they aren’t shy about their opinions. Dan thinks the PGA Tour sold out because they didn’t want the skeletons out of their closet and was eager to find a way to put the legal issues aside. And Rich doesn’t want to hear any of the social-justice objections now that everybody has the same bottom line.

Dan Beyer: “The fact that I think they did not want to go to court, they did not want this stuff to come out, and found a way to make even more money, was good for the PGA Tour to sell their soul.”

Rich Ohrnberger: “Save all the social-justice warrior stuff because at the end of the day it’s about everybody’s bottom line.”