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Rory McIlroy Finally Speaks about Golf “Merger”


Since news of the merger of the PGA Tour, LIV Golf and the DP World Tour broke yesterday, everyone has been waiting with bated breath to hear from LIV Golf’s most vocal opponent, Rory McIlroy. Dan and the Danettes react live as McIlroy finally spoke out this morning and made his opinion about the merger known to everyone. He was a surprised as any of us to hear the news but reluctantly toed the party line in his comments.

Dan Patrick: “(LIV Golf) is not golf. Golf is, you know, 72 holes. This is just a concoction to go, ‘Oh, we’re having more fun.’ OK, you had fun, you made a lot of money, but that’s not golf...Your goal wasn’t to make golf better, it just wasn’t.”