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The PGA Tour Tried to Use 9-11 Families


Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres fill in for Doug today and they’re dismayed by the hypocrisy of the PGA Tour as they capitulate to the almighty dollar and abandon their principles. After trotting out the families of 9-11 victims to support their own resistance to the LIV Tour and its Saudi blood-money, they’ve done a 180° and are now in business with their former rivals. They’ve made it clear they only cared about the bottom line and their ‘defending’ of those poor families was only a means to an end.

Aaron Torres: “It is the conversation about where the money’s coming from, do you agree, would you have taken it? It’s a conversation that everyone can wrap their arms around.”

Dan Beyer: “It’s cheating, it’s lying, it’s secretiveness and that’s why we’re still so involved in this LIV/PGA Tour situation...The PGA Tour stance tried to use the families of 9-11 to say, ‘Look at our side!’ when the only thing they were worried about was the bottom line.”