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Adam Silver: I Was Incredibly Disappointed In Ja Morant

Photo: Sarah Stier

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They touch on the NBA Finals and the television ratings, possible rule changes, and even the Saudi funded golf merger before Dan gets down to brass tacks and asks him about the discipline he is contemplating for Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant. He makes it clear that it doesn’t really make much difference if it was a toy gun the second time around; it was still promoting unsafe gun practices. Morant’s seemingly genuine contrition after his first offense makes the relapse that much more disheartening.

Dan Patrick: “When we heard from you after what happened with Ja this second time around, it’s almost like there was disappointment, like you were let down by Ja Morant. Is that a fair assessment? ”

Adam Silver: “It is...To get the report, and then to see online that in fact he was then live streaming a gun, certainly looks like a gun, a Glock, in a kind of reckless manner; sure, I was incredibly disappointed.”