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Chris Broussard: “Ja Morant Should Not Be Suspended If The Gun Was Fake”

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Chris Broussard: “As Adam Silver entertained the question, if it indeed was fake then I’m sorry Rob it’s stupid and ridiculous knowing what he just did a few months ago, knowing his Nike contract might be on the line, knowing that he could get suspended without pay for a healthy number of games, knowing his image was at stake it would be stupid as all get out. But if that indeed was a toy (gun) that any old 10-year-old boy can play with, then I’m sorry, you can’t suspend him."
Rob Parker: “I totally disagree given what has already transpired and it’s about what Adam Silver talked about how Ja displayed the gun and people not knowing it’s a toy and the whole premise of he already went through this with a gun why would you do that that shows terrible judgement and I think you need to make it clear to him that this is not the image we want for the NBA being a toy or a real gun that our players are out brandishing guns."

The Odd Couple’s Rob Parker and Chris Broussard react to the possibility of Ja Morant brandishing a fake gun in the recent controversial viral video. Chris believes that if the gun was fake than a suspension isn’t warranted but Rob disagrees and says that a suspension would still be necessary. Listen to the full segment above.