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Dalvin Cook Would Be a Valuable Asset To Any Team, Especially the Dolphins

Photo: Megan Briggs

Jason Smith: “It’s kind of weird that you’re trying to sell your fans and the team that this is our time to go win and we’re going to say goodbye to a player that still has 2 really good years left in the tank... to get rid of him just to get rid of him makes you scratch your head... but for a lot of teams out there this guy will be incredibly valuable... obviously $14 million is too much so you pay him less than that but I would give him a guaranteed contract and have my running back position set.”
Mike Harmon: “There’s a lot to like except for the price tag and this is where we get into the lamentation of the devaluing of the running back.. I feel for them I do but the game has evolved.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss the high trade value for RB Dalvin Cook and how running backs are devalued in today’s NFL. Listen to the full segment above.