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Bryson DeChambeau Is Clueless

Photo: Ross Kinnaird

LIV Tour golfer Bryson DeChambeau made headlines earlier this week when he had some controversial comments about the recent merger which includes the Saudi backed Public Investment Fund who fund LIV Golf and the PGA. He showed a distinct lack of sensitivity when he encouraged us to simply forgive the Saudis for 9-11 and move on after only 20 years. Being one of the first golfers to defect from the PGA and take the Saudis money puts him in no position to tell anyone else how they should feel about one of the worst tragedies in the history of this country. He would have been better served keeping his mouth closed instead of putting his foot in it.

Dan Patrick: “You’re not going to win if you’re going to tell people how they’re supposed to feel about something, one of the worst tragedies that we’ve ever lived through. And Bryson DeChambeau is clueless, and he sounded that way...You don’t need to tell me everybody makes mistakes and let’s move past 9-11 after 20 years...”